[Blueboard] Situation Report - 5 November 2001

Physical Plant Office uppa at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Mon Nov 5 16:07:26 PHT 2001

			      (Monday, 5 November 2001)

POWER:  The fire inspection of the Quezon City part of the campus was
completed in one day by ten firemen/ inspectors.  Their report is due this

The power back-up system of the three campuses passed the test in the
Luzon-wide outage yesterday.  The generators automatically came on line and
supplied power in the three campuses.  Power was restored at 8:25 p.m. in
the Loyola Heights campus, 8:45 p.m. at APS-Rockwell, and 11:00 p.m. at the
APS-Salcedo campus.  Diesel fuel stock for the generators will be
replenished today.

The electric bills sent out via email and posted in the webpage have to be
adjusted downwards.  Please disregard the electric bills sent out last
week.  The corrected bills will be sent out in the next two days.

SECURITY:  Leopard Security and Investigation Agency (LSIA) is the new
security agency for the Loyola Heights campus starting 1 November 2001.
LSIA is actually not new to the Ateneo, having been the security agency at
the APS building in Salcedo, Makati since 1977.  The current security force
is also composed of over 75% former PSWA guards.  Practically all qualified
PSWA guards who applied to LSIA were absorbed.   The LSIA guards on the
average have a higher IQ and educational achievement.  They are also taller
and younger.

To cope with the campus security requirements, the following measures are
being implemented this semester:  

1. Splitting up of the campus into three manageable areas.  Each area will
have a supervisor who will be responsible for monitoring and supervising
security services.  Each sector encompasses the area of a school unit plus
adjacent units in the vicinity.  The areas are:

NORTH - High School, JR, EAPI & ISO; 
SOUTH - Grade School, LHS, LST, SJMS, AIR, Sonolux, Cefam & MO; 
CENTRAL - Loyola Schools complex & PIPAC.

2. Increasing the number of supervisors from three to six, plus external
inspectors who will randomly visit the campus.  The pictures of the
supervisors will be posted in this website on Friday this week;
http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/index.htm Structure section. 

3. Centralized communication to maximize coordination and minimize
duplication of duties and confusion.  Requests made over the phone or
relayed directly to guards will no longer be entertained.  They were
largely responsible for failures in security services in the past.  Request
for security services, i.e., additional guards, weekend schedule, overnight
use of facilities, special activities etc. should be sent to the University
Physical Plant in writing (preferably via email to uppa at admu.edu.ph).  

4. LSIA has provided the guards with radio/transceivers set to a different
channel from what Ateneo uses.  They can now use their transceivers without

SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT:  Ms. Jenice Jocson Cruz of the Office of
International Programs wrote Physical Plant last week to ask why Ateneo
personnel are not sorting trash at source as asked of students.  Ms. Karen
B. Cardenas of ORP also endorses trash sorting by the faculty and staff and
requests janitors not to mix biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash.
Offices are encouraged to have two sets of trashcans in their area.     

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