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Tue Dec 11 07:45:56 PHT 2001

(Monday, 10 December 2001)

POWER:  Installation of sub meters is ongoing.  This will enable the units to
monitor and control their power consumption.

COMMUNICATION:  Nineteen units of GSM Smart payphones have been installed
in the
Loyola Heights campus.  These have not been used partly because of the
availability of payphone cards.   Arrangements are being made to have this
available widely soon.  Smart Representatives will conduct marketing
initiatives on campus e.g. leafleting, free cell phone calls and text
and promo campaign (Dice-A-Prize), on December 10 & 11, 2001.

WATER:  Cleaning of cisterns/overhead tanks was completed as scheduled.  Water
samples will be taken today for potability tests and results will be posted at
<http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/ctpv.htm>http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/ctpv.htm next

SECURITY:  The Grade School requires IDs for fetchers of students to protect
them from intruders and reduce the risk of kidnapping.  This was initiated a
few years ago.  Over time however, fetchers disregarded this.  Campus security
was also remiss in its enforcement.  When the new security agency took over
last November, the ID requirement was strictly enforced.  In four days last
week, the guards caught sixty-six (66) fetchers with forged ID.   The
IDs were confiscated and turned over to the GS administration.  South
Sector-in-Charge NOEL A PECUNDO is commended for a job well done. 

At the college complex two students were caught smoking marijuana inside an
empty classroom.  Their IDs and the pipe they shared were confiscated and
turned over to the Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  One
student admitted smoking marijuana while the other denied it.  SG PEDRO E
is commended for his presence of mind. 

Despite notices and warnings, drivers have been caught gambling in the east
carparks.  Campus security has confiscated playing cards.  The campaign
gambling will be intensified.  College students are requested to advise their
drivers to stop gambling. 

Campus security is on alert this December to cope with the simultaneous
activities on campus.  The large number of outsiders and visitors on campus is
not a security problem.  Losses are still due to the carelessness of students
with their personal belongings.  

MAINTENANCE:  There are several ongoing construction projects on campus. Grade
School's Auditorium will be completed by the end of the month.  Kostka Hall's
washroom renovations have been completed while Berchmans Hall's renovation of
washrooms will start soon.

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