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Tue Dec 4 10:07:10 PHT 2001

                             THE MANILA OBSERVATORY

                        invites you to join this year's

                                ADVENT REFLECTIONS


                              The Life and Works of

                           PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) stands among the very few leaders of 
thought in this century to integrate pure scientific research with religious 
vocation.  At an early point in his career the paleontologist and Jesuit priest 
made his personal mission to reconstruct the most basic Christian doctrines from 
the perspectives of science and , at the same time, to reconstruct science from 
the perspective of faith.  He would do this by overthrowing all the barriers 
that had been erected between science and religion in the past one hundred 

December 6             "The First Coming and the Omega Point"
(Thursday, 3pm)             by Fr. Daniel J. McNamara,SJ

December 18                      "The Divine Milieu"
(Thursday, 3pm)               by Fr. Jett Villarin, SJ

              Venue:  CCIC Conference Room, Manila Observatory 

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