[Blueboard] Situation Report - 27 August 2001

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Mon Aug 27 17:02:58 PHT 2001

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>Subject: Situation Report - 27 August 2001
>(Monday, 27 August 2001)
>POWER:  A power outage was scheduled in the Balara grid yesterday from 8:00
>p.m. till 3:30 a.m. today to tap the new primary line of the Grade School.  
>Fire prevention as mentioned last week is everybody's concern.  The annual
>electrical and fire inspections done by the City Engineer's Office and
>Physical Plant do not guarantee year-round fire protection.  Everybody is
>requested to be vigilant.  
>COMMUNICATION:  Early morning suspension/dismissal of classes will be
>announced via:
>1.	PABX auto attendant.
>2.	Gate 1, 2 & 3 signs.
>3.	Blueboard at admu.edu.ph - for subscribed Ateneo and Affiliated Units'
>personnel only.
>4.	http://www.admu.edu.ph/upp/index.htm - accessible to all.
>5.	Globe SMS keyword - "Ateneo NOCLASS - starting 1 September 2001 by
>dialing Globe 2333.
>6.	Switchboard operators.
>WATER:  The contractor has yet to repair the defective APS-Salcedo overhead
>tank.  In the meantime, the advisory that APS-Salcedo's water is not
>potable remains.  
>For reference, quarterly potability test results of water this school year
>in the three campuses will be posted in Physical Plant's Web page.  
>SECURITY:  Construction work on the PLDT Convergence Technologies Center
>(PLDT CTC) will start this week.  The construction site will eventually be
>enclosed and part of the path to the pedestrian overpass will be relocated.  
>TRAFFIC:  An Ateneo law student was a victim of the flooded section at the
>foot of the northbound lane of the flyover yesterday morning.  She lost
>control of her car when water splashed on her windshield.  Her car was
>seriously damaged when it bumped the steel railings in front of Gate 1.
>Fortunately she was not hurt.  The perennial flash flood at the foot of the
>flyover will again be reported to MMDA and DPWH for remedial action.
>Noontime traffic this week may be heavier than usual due to the High
>School's early dismissal. 
>The directional signs at the corner of Fr. Masterson Drive and College Lane
>identifying buildings in the college complex for college were repainted
>yesterday.  The official names of the buildings in the Gonzaga parking area
>are now reflected in the directional sign.
>PARKING:  Parking behind the SEC may be affected with the construction of
>the PLDT CTC.  College students will be directed to park near the
>pedestrian overpass.
>Please email comments/feedback to uppa at admu.edu.ph. 
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