[Blueboard] Re: Abolition of Proxy Form Requirements

regstrar at admu.edu.ph regstrar at admu.edu.ph
Fri Aug 24 09:19:33 PHT 2001

Memo to: All Concerned

From: Associate Dean for Student Affairs
      Office fo the Registrar

Re: Abolition of Proxy Form Requirements

To improve the efficiency of enrollment procedures, effective the second 
semester registration period, proxy forms will no longer be required for 
students who are unable to enroll personally for their classes.

Proxies will only be required to bring the following during registration:

1. An authorization letter signed by the student designating his/her proxy for 
2. Proxy will need to bring his own ID. Any one of the following will suffice:

 *Driver's License                   *Company/Employee ID
 *Ateneo ID                          *SSS ID
 *Passport                           *Credit Cards with picture

3. The Official Ateneo ID of the student he/she is proxying for.

Students shall be fully responsible for ensuring that their proxies are 
thoroughly aware of all registration-related documentation, requirements, and 
procedures.  The school shall not be held liable for any errors or deficiencies 
incurred by proxies during registration.

Please be guided accordingly.

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