[Blueboard] Situation Report 13 August 2001

Physical Plant Office uppa at pusit.admu.edu.ph
Mon Aug 13 15:32:21 PHT 2001

>(Monday, 13 August 2001)
>POWER:  Sub meter electric bills (57 in Katipunan grid, 64 in Barangka and
>36 in Balara) were sent to units in the Loyola Heights campus via the
>intranet last week.  The bills in Excel format were sent as attachments
>because when copied and made a part of the text, the columns get
>misaligned.  This practice will be discontinued next billing since
>attachments may contain a virus.  Next month's 157 electric bills will no
>longer be sent as attachment but simplified.  The bills will only show
>comparative KWH used and charges for the preceding two months.  It will no
>longer contain other details such as demand charges or Power Purchase
>Adjustments (PPA).  Units interested in other details of the bill can write
>to uppa at admu.edu.ph.  Sending the bills via the intranet rather than by
>messenger has reduced delivery time from three days to one hour.  The bills
>are sent out by Physical Plant's Communication Information Technology
>Section (CITS) using computers at the PABX room.
>The Central Purchasing Office (CPO) is soliciting proposals via the
>Internet for power factor capacitor banks for APS-Salcedo and additional
>banks for Loyola Heights.  CPO hopes that this way, more proposals will be
>generated, giving the university a wide range of choices and prices for the
>capacitor banks.
>COMMUNICATION:  Last Friday afternoon, a virus from an attachment sent by a
>school unit infected the central switchboard computer of
>Blueboard at admu.edu.ph.  The virus was detected but the attachment had been
>opened.  To stop the spread of the virus, the switchboard computer was
>deactivated immediately.  On Saturday morning, Loyola Schools' MIS
>personnel debugged the computer and installed a more effective anti-virus
>shield.  The Campus Network Group (CNG) is acquiring a more comprehensive
>anti-virus shield for all three campuses.
>The University Physical Plant's Web page will be up and operational by
>Monday, 20 August 2001. 
>WATER:  Sixty-three Loyola Heights water sub meter water bills for the
>month of July were sent out last Saturday via the intranet as attachment.
>The water bills, like the electric bills, were also in Excel format.  It
>will also be simplified to show comparative cubic meter used and cost for
>the preceding two months.  By next month, the water bills will no longer be
>sent as attachments.  Requests for clarification regarding the bill may be
>sent to uppa at admu.edu.ph.  
>The APS-Salcedo cistern and overhead tank were cleaned over the weekend.
>The cleaners found the overhead tank dirty.  The joints were rusty and the
>anti-rust paint had peeled off.  The contractor will be asked to repair the
>tank.  Water samples will be taken for biological tests.  Until the test
>results are out, APS-Salcedo water is still classified not potable. 

>TRAFFIC:  Starting Wednesday 16 August, exhaust emission testing and
>issuance of gate pass stickers will be at the Physical Plant Shop in the
>Blue Eagle Gym from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  
>Development in traffic managements along Katipunan:
>1.	The MMDA Traffic Enforcement Group (TEG) has installed five steel
>barrier panels at the foot of the northbound lane of flyover (outside of
>Gate 1) to prevent vehicles from making a U-Turn and going against the flow
>of traffic to enter Gate 1.  The wooden barriers put up by the Ateneo are
>in the same area.
>2.	The TEG also installed a No U-Turn sign on the center island before the
>Katipunan-Dela Rosa-Gate 3 junction.  U-Turn will no longer be allowed in
>this junction (implementation of this however is dependent on the presence
>of policemen in the area).  
>3.	The TEG also intends to enforce the No Loading-Unloading Zone outside of
>the pedestrian gate near Gate 3.  Jeepneys will have to load and unload
>passengers at the newly constructed pedestrian waiting shed.
>4.	Tricycles will not be allowed to cross Katipunan to Gate 3 during the
>early morning rush hour.  
>A path walk leading to the waiting shed on Katipunan was constructed over
>the weekend.  Lights for the new path walk and the waiting shed will be
>installed today and activated tonight.
>Loyola Schools' Sanggunian has requested the construction of a
>passenger-waiting shed at the tricycle terminal near the Biology
>Greenhouse.  Although there is no budget for this, funds will be allocated
>from the DCB.Sticker fees.  The shed will be ready by the end of the month.
>SECURITY:  Kenny Rogers was robbed at 8:35 p.m. two Sundays ago.  The
>eatery was robbed in four minutes.  The following day, a group of policemen
>was sent to patrol the school belt area along Aurora and Katipunan on
>Police.  The Central Police District will also put up a police Station
>between Dela Strada Church and Miriam College.  It is hoped that the
>presence of the police will reduce the incidence of thefts and robberies
>along Katipunan.  
>Campus losses on campus however continue.  Guards found a wallet in the
>west carpark and a Sony Walkman and tapes wrapped in a T-shirt and towel.
>Nobody claimed the missing items for three days.  The wallet was returned
>only after ADSS summoned the student.  Two Sundays ago, three cars were
>also broken into in the Gonzaga parking area.  The doors of the cars on the
>driver's side were forcibly opened.  Two stereos were stolen.   
>It is hoped that the security situation in the Loyola Schools complex will
>improve when the use of ID cards is widely implemented.  Hopefully,
>affiliated units on campus will follow suit and make the use of the ID
>campus-wide.  In the meantime, campus security will intensify the
>monitoring of visitors and the checking of ID or uniform of construction
>workers.  More workers are expected with the start of the construction of
>the SOM, IT, and University Church, including Sonolux.   At the moment
>there are at least twelve construction projects in the Loyola Heights campus.

>Gambling in carparks has been reported to campus security.  A spot
>inspection last 1 August, a Mitsubishi L-300 was being used for playing
>cards.  Cards were confiscated but no cash found was found among the
>players.  Campus security will continue to conduct spot checks.   
>SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT:  The Environmental Science Program met with
>representatives of the different units and student groups last Wednesday
>afternoon.  It was the first of a series of meetings intended to arrive at
>a commonly formulated solid waste management program on campus.
>The problem of household trash being dumped on campus remains a problem.
>The driver of a gray Honda Civic was seen by guards from a distance getting
>a black plastic bag from trunk and throwing it in the carpark trash can at
>the peak of morning traffic (6:35 a.m.) last 1 August.  The guards were not
>able to apprehend the driver.  The community is requested to report
>outsiders throwing trash on campus.  Please note the license plate number,
>type of vehicle, color and sticker number if possible.
>MAINTENANCE:  Remedial repair/patching of potholes in carparks and campus
>roads are ongoing.  Additional carpark barriers will also be installed in
>the next two days at the north carpark at the request of the Loyola Schools
>Please email comments/feedback to uppa at admu.edu.ph. 

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