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Aldem Salvana demskie at admu.edu.ph
Wed Aug 8 04:35:06 PHT 2001

Being a leader WILL take time. However, it can be done. BE in an
environment of leaders with a common interest to learn the undisputed
principles of leadership authored by one of the most respected leader,
Dr. John C. Maxwell. Take time off from your busy schedule and invest in
yourself. Share your learnings, failures, in your growth as a Leader.
Learn  5 of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership this Saturday, August
11, 8 AM - 5PM at the ISO Complex, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola
Hts., QC. Please confirm your reservations at 4158713; 3729265; or fax
at 4113147.
The topics to be discussed:
          The Law of Respect - Find out why people naturally follow
leaders stronger than themselves.
         The Law of Intuition - Find out what separates the great
leaders from merely the good ones. The skill of intuition is not easily
learned. Understand it and you will be     able to evaluate situations
with a leadership bias. 
          The Law of Magnetism - Heard of "birds of the same feather
flock together"? This principle will determine the quality of the kind
of people in your organization.
          The Law of Connection - Rallying your organization to move
towards a goal takes more than just a great goal. You would need the Law
of  Connection.
          The Law of the Inner Circle - You only have 24 hours in a day.
You have monumental tasks at hand. How do you move on to a higher level
of achievement? Those closest to you will determine your potential!
Feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues, especially
those whom you work closely with. If they become better leaders, think
of where this will lead your organization. to greater achievements!
This is the second of four series. All laws stand independently, thus,
no pre-requisite Law is needed. Third & Fourth series will be on Sept 22
and Oct 27 respectively. Visit www.empoweredleader.com
<http://www.empoweredleader.com/>   for more details.
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